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Since 2001, Antonella Kids has been manufacturing high quality, classic clothing for babies. Our products celebrate the joy, innocence and unbridled fun of babyhood.

Our clothes are the perfect mix of using the best and purest materials that nature provides with the workmanship of the best textile artisans resulting in convenient, comfortable and stylish clothing. Our team of professionals are always seeking to find a balance between classic designs with new fashion trends.

The most important thing for us is the quality and added value for the garments we produce, being produced and embroidered by hand, the same that meet the most stringent quality controls.

What make us unique?



We use the fines materials such as: 100% Pima Peruvian cotton, silk, organza, shantu, etc.


Our clothes are hand made by skilled artisians, followed by a strict quality control.


Our designs have a balance between classic style and new fashion trends.

Our Materials

One of the most important pillars of our production are the materials we use, which are carefully selected to find the most pure and natural material.

We know that a baby's skin can be delicate and therefore should be treated in the best way, which is why our supplies have no synthetic compounds.

We search the world's best raw materials, such as 100 % Peruvian Pima Cotton, Silk, Shantu, Organza, etc.

Our Production

Our products are handmade by expert textile artisans from Peru that elaborate using techniques that modern technology has forgotten to make our beautiful clothes.

We put great emphasis on the applications of the garments and the type of tissue we use as crochet, embroidery and special fabrics.

Each and every garment is individually crafted with the highest care and attention to detail.

All our garments go through a strict quality control.

Our quality support us


SINCE 2001

We have more than 14 years
on the market.


We have over 200 satisfied
customers in the US market.


We have customers around
the world.

"The current technology has not made ​​us lose the feeling we pass on when developing our garments ...


Your babies deserve the best, and with our vast variety of styles you are bound to find something well suited for your little one for every occasion. We have the following collections: TAKE ME HOME, CHRISTENING, DRESSES, SWEATERS, BLANKETS AND ACCESSORIES.


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We provide our collections of clothing to the most exclusive boutiques around USA and the world, contact us to provide additional information about our products, payments, terms of production and commercial conditions, we also work with sales representatives and distributors.

We offer specialized customer care and quality treatment.

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